Project Description


The Bendigo Airport redevelopment addresses capacity restrictions by upgrading to a new 1,600m Class 3C runway allowing the airport to cater for planes carrying up to 70 passengers.


With a reputation for aerodrome expertise gained at Point Cook, Melbourne and Tamworth airports, BMD Constructions engaged furst to design and install the Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) system for the project. In addition to the electrical system, furst was engaged to carry out the civil construction works.


Furst’s civil team have comprehensive understanding of MOS139 standards and the on-site experience to ensure compliance and quality. This includes selection and installation of SIT and structural pits, trenching, duct bank installation and compaction requirements. The project included:

  • 9,200M trenching
  • 24,000M cable
  • 130 Aeronautical Ground Lights
  • 2 x Precision Approach Path Indicator
  • 3 x Illuminated Wind Indicators
  • 600M duct bank
  • 89 x Series Isolating Transformer pits and 25 x Structural pits