Furst Electrical supply, install and program PLC’s. Programming platforms vary in I/O addressing, memory organization and instruction. This means that no two PLC programs are identical. Models within the same brand and product line also often vary. The common currency is a thorough understanding of programming language. Furst Electrical are skilled at communicating with modern PLC’s to operate electrical control systems.

We specialise in programming industry leading brand Siemens. We also program Allen Bradley, Telemecanique, and Modicon. Choosing the right PLC brand and model for each application is important. Operating with an inadequate PLC, or programming it incorrectly can result in lost productivity and restrictions on its use. Furst Electrical advise customers on the type and model options suitable for their project. Key considerations that underpin the right PLC selection can be found in A 5 step formula to avoid choosing a woefully inadequate PLC.

Furst Electrical typically program PLC’s to communicate for:
• Mixing Systems
• Compunding systems
• Extrusion lines
• Plastics machinery
• Conveyors
• Air conveyors
• Water purification
• Separators
• Process systems such as temperature and pressure and flow
• Remote run signals
• Remote stop and start
• Remote monitoring
• Safety

Furst Electrical supply fully tested and documented PLC programs at the completion of commissioning. In addition, Furst Electrical provide a warranty for everything we do; electrical control system design, control cabinet manufacture, Installation, commissioning and PLC programming.


PLC programming

We’re pleased that our service extends to in-house PLC programming, including market leading brands such as modicon, Siemens and Allen Bradley. As with our electrical drawings, you’ll get both hard and soft copies of the PLC program.


We methodically check and inspect your system to ensure it is designed, installed, tested and operated according to the functional requirements specified during the planning phase.
The result is a safe, reliable and orderly handover that is ready for start up according to OH&S standards.