Furst unites industrial electrical contracting principles and civil construction to provide a unique airfield control and installation service.


The knowledge Furst bring stems from a background devoted to industrial monitoring and process control. For airfield operators, it means a lighting control system designed with the latest technology for control, safety, and reliability. We’ve designed airfield lighting control systems for the department of defense, regional and private airfields, and international airports.
We can deliver:

  • Remote monitoring for AGL lighting systems
  • Ambient light level control for runway & taxiway lights and PAPI
  • Single stage intensity control for IWDI
  • Multistage intensity control for runway & taxiway lights, PAPI
  • Surge protection for high voltage MIT’s
  • AFRU/PALC monitoring and control
  • Redundant PLC systems


A reliable lighting system is more than a smart design. It is fabricated to last. We fabricate our designs in-house. We make certain the right equipment is selected to meet technical specifications and MOS139 standards.
Our cubicles have:

  • 25% spare capacity for future expansion and ease of breakdown resolution
  • Enclosure materials selected to withstand harsh environments
  • European components designed for more than 1 million accusations
  • Independent chambers to house each branch of control including MIT’s, control devices, distribution equipment, surge suppressor, user interfaces, and spare capacity


To safeguard the quality of your electrical lighting system – and guarantee a smooth construction program – we have an in-house civil team working hand-in-glove with our electrical team. The prerequisite to a high quality electrical installation is a strict adherence to civil specifications. Having an in-house civil team means that our people collaborate on site to deliver airport operators with the highest quality job. The cooperation also means we are more efficient to honour your construction program. Furst Electrical offer the following civil services:

    • Pre-cast concrete pit installation
    • Earth works
    • Concreting
    • Roads and carparks
    • Trenching
    • Electrical reticulation works
    • Landscaping and site remediation


Furst conducts inspection and Testing as part of our iso9001 Quality Certified System. We conduct progressive system testing and commissioning throughout the installation. A comprehensive commissioning program is also carried out at the completion of all work. This includes MOS139 compliance inspections, insulation tests, resistance and continuity tests and point to point tests. It also includes a CASA flyover for operational commissioning. For airfield upgrades we ensure the existing runway lighting circuits remain serviceable during installation.