Whatever you’re making. Let us apply smart electrical automation principles to make your production sing. Rolling out an electrical control system is definitely a science, but it’s not rocket science. We’re ready to help you.

Field installation of 10 hazardous and non hazardous production areas including 14 control cubicles and 40,000 meters of steel wire armoured cable.

Hartley Henderson of Process And Control Engineering (PACE) Magazine featured the project, saying the “facility provides a testing ground for innovations”.

Installation of over 600 I/O for 22 vessels.

“For us as an organization its the first time we have embarked on such complex infrastructure project” – Eugene Shanahan, Accensi operations manager.


Accensi crop protection manufacturing

Australian crop protection manufacturer, Accensi wanted a new automated manufacturing facility in Lara, Geelong.


It was critical that the control system be compliant with hazardous standards. And, Accensi wanted the facility to run more efficiently than their facilities in WA and QLD. The seasonal nature of the product meant that it was paramount that installation be completed in time for Accensi to meet their client deliveries.


What you see is what you get – Now Accensi has a smart, cost effective manufacturing operation that produces 5000L more volume per man hour than their other sites.