Furst Electrical completed the electrical installation for the first Australian distribution business to employ robots to pick and pack online purchases. The innovative system is the creation of Norwegian business Autostore, and is designed to increase the material handling efficiency and inventory storing capacity for warehousing and distribution businesses.

What you’re seeing is 70 robots tearing around the roof of a 6 meter high grid. Each column of the grid is stacked with crates of stock. There are 25,000 crates – the robots know the location and inventory item in each and every crate.

Imagine you buy a pair of size 10, Nike shoes online. The system instructs the robots which crate your shoes are in and where in the grid they’re located. To make the process as fast as possible, the robots work as a team, descending on the location of your shoes together. They remove all of the crates sitting on top of the crate of size 10, Nikes and deposit them in neighbouring columns until they get to your shoes. They then drop them down a picking booth (aka an elevator) to be wrapped up and sent out to you. Clever, isn’t it? It gets better. The robots don’t need to put the other crates back where they came from because the system remembers where it put them.

Furst Electrical fabricated and installed 64 electrical control cabinets featuring 17 Variable speed drives, 15 encoders and 103 power supplies. The installation also featured 445 ethercat nodes, 80 e-stops and in excess of 500 SICK scanners and PE cells. We delivered all of it in 4 weeks.

Enjoy the video, you can see pictures of the project on our portfolio page.